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1Question #1
How to order and receive my scores?

Be careful, a frequent error comes from the email address you use with your Paypal account. Sometime this email address is different from the one you use every day (ex: personal address vs. professional address). Don't forget to check the right email box. All scores are sent to the email address you've used with Paypal. Don't forget to take a look at your "SPAM" folder. The email is sent few minutes after the checkout. If after one hour, you have not received any email, just tell us.

An invoice (to the owner of the Paypal account) is provided with every order. You can use it for example to be refunded by your music school.
2Question #2
The PDF file contains some unreadable letters instead of normal musical notes.
The musical font used by Sibelius has been badly implemented when generating the pdf file. Sometimes computers (Mac for example) do not recognize the musical font.

Contact us to get a correct file.
3Question #3
I Would Like to order scores but as I never bought on Internet before, I would like to know if Paypal is a secured system and if there is really no risks to use it.
Bying and downloading scores is really sure and simple (see the message from Louise Malone on the guest book). You do not enter your cart number on our website because all the transaction is made thanks to Paypal. Paypal has been developped by eBay and most of websites are using it. With Paypal, you can either use your credit card or pay with your email address if you have created a Paypal account. The process is well describe here:

During the transaction process, you can check if there is a little yellow key ( in your Internet browser. The begining of the address starts with : https:// (with an "s" at the end of "http")

When the checkout is complete, an automatic email is sent to the valid address you gave to Paypal. This automatic email contains links to download your scores. With Acrobat reader you can read, print and save your scores (pdf format)
4Question #4
Could you please advise if your Sax Quartets are available in normal (paper) printed form. Some festivals we play at will not allow PDF downloads.
Unfortunately, our scores are not available in a printed form. We had once this kind of question from musicians who where using our arrangements in order to be graduated at the end of the school year.

They finally have been able to explain that music shop was not the only way to buy original printed music today, and that "emusic" on "epaper" was now a reality!

Maybe you will be able to explain that to the festival team....

Sorry about that
5Question #5
Which currency is used?
The defaut currency is EURO except for:

  • USA and Canada: prices are in USD

  • England: prices are in GBP

  • Japan: prices are in JPY

6Question #6
I would buy the 4 parts of a score but I also need the conductor part.
The conductor comes automatically when you order all the parts together (button below)

7Question #7
My anti-virus program does not accept email containing HTML links. When I click, I have the "404 ERROR" message and I cannot download my files.
Some anti-virus / anti-fishing programs scans all the emails you receive. When it detects that the email contains some "HTML" information (this is the case with email from 4a4: it contains links to download pdf files) your anti-virus program trunks all information concerning the targets of the links in order to protect you from going in a fake url. When you click on a link, you have the following error message:

In this case, go to the "Download" menu of the website (here)

and enter the references of your order (in yellow color below).